Thursday, April 26, 2012

Monday, January 30, 2012


is an equation for destroying gods, creating a new world, and/or making delusions become into reality. Those who knows this formula say that it's obscure or just completely made up. But honestly it's kind of hard to tell, since we don't know much about the universe. What do you think of each of those variable represent?

This equation was not created by a scientist or mathematicians. but rather an anime maker who seems to know math....

Monday, January 23, 2012

Get Rich with a Trick

No. Not the simple magic trick you do with cards or so. Using a math formula to trick a company of some sort for its money. It's a simple formula, using exponential function. Here's unwell phased way to express the function.
Say you want to start off with a penny for you first day of work. And on the next day, it doubles, leaving you with 2 pennies. And the next is 4 pennies and so on.

I suppose this would only work, if you're an independent contractor (I don't know what a independent contractor does but anyways.), or if the company asks you for the rate you want. All you have to do is work for a month, 30 days to be exact. You'll become a millionaire. Simple as that, don't you think?
ƒ(x)= 0.01•2^x

If you do the math, the outcome of 30 days, which x represent the number of days worked. You would become 10 million dollars richer. Hiring a lawyer could come in handy if the company sues you for scam. Alternating the a value in the formula, to half a penny, or so. Depending on you. You would be able to go unnoticed using this scam. And continue using this formula.

For personal reasons I might delete this post on Monday, and also I'm not the one who came up with this idea, but rather it was told to me.